Identify what needs to be developed and design strategies to improve & put them into practise!


Excellence is about identifying aspects of yourself or your team that need to be developed, designing strategies to create improvement and then integrating related actions into practise. Its all too easy to stay in one’s own comfort zone and stick to routine tasks instead of embracing risk. Such behaviour hampers excellence and the exploration of personal growth and team development. It is a known trait of many high achievers who obsessively protect their image, to do what they do best and not challenge themselves to become greater individuals.

Embracing new learning experiences that cause uneasiness or arouse a sense of incompetence is a primary step towards development and the continued path towards excellence. Finding the humility to admit vulnerabilities and turn to others for support is also key to shifting from the status quo and take on new challenges. Taking a long term big picture view will also give greater freedom to stumble a little along the journey to success.

Despite leaders token praise for innovation and personal development of staff, real steps are not often put into place. Organisations and team leaders can encourage excellence through rewarding individuals and teams for developing new ways of doing things with the scope for growth and minor setbacks along the way.

We have a range of team building programs which place individuals outside their comfort zone. Challenges such as learning to play as an orchestra in less than 2 hours become a key metaphor for committing to excellence and the personal development.

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