Viktoria Petrova

Event coordinator

“I love my job because the communication with people is my passion!”

Victoria holds a degree in Media and Journalism and according to her the good communication is the key to the success of every organization, relations and business collaboration.

She loves her job because it provides her the opportunity to bring positive experience into people’s lives alongside with long lasting cheerful memories and useful skills that could be easily put into practice.

Her role as a team building events planner allows her to communicate with people of various backgrounds and visit variety of interesting places, which is truly captivating and fills her with pure joy and excitement. The smiles on people’s faces at the end of the day makes her feel proud of the job and motivate her to continue building up her skills and give her best.

She hopes that with her positive attitude towards people, devotion to her work and enthusiasm she will contribute to the further development of Catalyst Bulgaria and more happy clients.