Galina Gorova

CEO, Event Manager

"I love to see how our work provokes in people their most precious quality - making creative decisions!"

Galina's story revolves around making creative decisions. Her work as a journalist at the Bulgarian National Radio provides a good basis for quick thought, clear communication, the ability to pay attention to people's needs and the ability to manage and thrive in a complex operating business environment.

All this has led to the founding of a team building company - a business that was still new to the Bulgarian market. Galina's curiosity about the new and proven best, naturally leads the company in the distant 2005, to connect with the world's largest team building network - Catalyst Global.

Galina manages the company and the Event Planning team. Excellent events are her passion. Events in which each participant discovers something new and good about themselves, about their colleagues, about their work. Her efforts are focused on setting up a team of talented and enthusiastic specialists at Catalyst Bulgaria, who enjoy what they do.