Pop Factor

Teams express their views in a remake of a classic music video clip

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
Competitive / Collaborative
10 - Unlimited


In Pop Factor, teams write, produce and star in their very own music video clip. Each team is supplied with a track, props and camera. They start by discussing interesting ways they can represent the music in a short film. After a story board has been created, roles are allocated and actors dress for their performance. They retake and edit until their creation is complete ready to be shown in front of the other teams at the MTV VMA awards!

Learning Outcomes

In this fun, laughter filled team challenge participants lose their inhibitions and get creative. They are challenged to step out of their comfort zone and take on roles of acting, performing and filming with hilarious results. Time is tight, so teamwork, strategy and efficient allocation and implementation of roles and tasks are critical to success. Through filming and refilming, teams learn to work towards excellence within a challenging time frame.

Related Testimonial

We have been focusing on the importance of innovative thinking, encouraging people to push the boundaries of the norm and find better ways of doing things. Pop Factor seemed a crazy way at first to do this but it more than achieved our objectives, a memorable shared activity we reflex on a lot.

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